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Smaller chests and breast health

In this blog post you’ll find out why breast health is a topic for every woman, including smaller-chested women. Additionally, you will read about why it’s not good for your breast health to wear ill-fitting bras. You probably are too. And how to determine if the bra is the right size or not. Also, you’ll know how to take care of your breast health and which type of bras are best for your health. 


Breast health is also important for smaller-chested women

There is a misunderstanding among women that smaller breasts do not need so much focus on their breast health. Breast health is actually nothing to do with size. Why? One of the biggest portions of your lymphatic system lies in the breast region. The lymphatic system is our body's tool to drain toxins and other fluids out of our bodies. When the lymphatic system is not working correctly, it affects our health. That is why all women need to pay attention to the aspects that affect their lymphatic system.

Bras cross major lymph vessel pathways. If a bra is not well fitted, it may cause too much pressure on the pathways, restricting the lymph flow in your vessels. This is also true for smaller-chested women.

Why Is Your Bra Choice Important to Breast Health?

Now you know that bras can restrict circulation in your body. We’ve all had those bra marks (you know the deep and sometimes red lines once you take off your bra) on the tops of the shoulders, across the bust line, or in front of the underarm area. The last one is especially bad for your health. They don’t look good nor sexy, but there’s more to it than aesthetics. The tightness of your bra around your bust and underarm is likely restricting the flow to your lymph nodes. These nodes are responsible for filtering out toxins that may lead to illness. So a bra that is too tight can lead to a slow-moving lymphatic system and toxins pooling in the area.

In our practice we have seen that many women are wearing the wrong size or ill-fitting bras that leave marks on their skin.

The right type of bra, and breast massage, makes a big difference in your breast and overall health and wellbeing. And it’s not only physical; wearing a comfortable and well-fitting bra during long days makes you feel better in your body.

Are you wearing the wrong size bra?

A woman’s body and breasts change. During the month, when our hormones change, it affects our breast size. Usually after ovulation, progesterone peaks which can cause the breast to become firmer and larger up to half a size. Who knew!?

The other most influential event in our life that changes our body and breast size is childbirth and subsequent breastfeeding. Statistics show that a woman's breast size changes up to three cup sizes during breastfeeding and up to one cup after ending breastfeeding compared to their regular size before becoming pregnant.

Usually, we are so looking forward to getting back into our pre-pregnancy clothes and lingerie), which means that we don’t even consider if we need a new and better fitting bra. And to be honest, who wants to admit that they need a smaller size bra, right?! In the end, as our breast size and shape has changed, we tend to pull the straps tighter to make the cups closer to the body (to compensate for the gaps in our cups). Especially when we are using underwired or push-up bras.

What type of bras are best for your health?

The best bras are the ones that you feel most comfortable in and that leave as few marks on your skin as possible. Usually, that kind of bra is without an underwire and with no pushup effect. Women’s bodies are sensitive and we usually feel immediately if something doesn’t feel good on our body. Unfortunately, we are so used to uncomfortable bras, we believe that this is the the norm. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So, at Naiya, we believe that the best bras for women's health are well-fitted bralettes. Bralettes come padded or non-padded, they have no underwires and they support your body in a natural way, giving your breast a natural and feminine look. Bralettes take the shape of your body and do not manipulate it and restrict it in any way.

Find your new perfect fit bralette at Naíyas bra collection HERE.

How to take the best care of your breasts

Additionally to wearing only well-fitting bras, there is one more thing you can do for your health - breast massage. Breast massage supports your lymph drainage and helps to train toxins and other fluids out of your body. And there are some great advantages too; regular breast massage will make your breasts firmer and perkier. Who would say no to that, right?!


  • Make sure you are wearing the correct sized bra and not your “before kids” bra
  • Choose bralette styled bras, like we have HERE
  • Avoid push up and underwire bras.
  • If the bra leaves deep red marks on your skin, don’t wear it
  • Stop wearing bras that hurt
  • Mix up the style of bra you wear to ensure you aren’t creating a restrive pattern in the surrounding connective tissue.
  • If you have big weight gain or loss, consider measuring yourself and finding your new bra size
  • Practice breast massage regularly. Regularly done, breast massage has a lifting effect on your breast area. It makes your skin firmer and breasts perkier.

While taking care of your mental and physical health, do not forget your breast health, which is a cornerstone to our overall health and well-being.

If you have any questions on how to find your perfect bra fit, read this blog post or write to us at We are more than happy to help you to find your best bra for your breast health.

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